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Cali Caliente Cali Caliente
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When Mrs. Moody is away Jason will play. In particular Mr. Moody likes to play with black girls because he knows quite well that the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. He is on the phone quickly with his favorite escort provider to see what is new in the way of hot young black girls seeking company. Oh this Cali sounds nice. Send her over. Hot and juicy Ms. Caliente arrives at her client’s home residence to provide a little afternoon pick me up. Soon she is being ravaged with horny white man lust by the always over zealous Mr. Moody. He is a freak for that black poontang. Wang dang sweet poontang indeed. Immediately he is licking her hole to get the desired flavor and course of action. Rock hard and packing some serious length and girth. Soon he is banging Cali all over the living room getting every pink cent out of his rented cock landing zone. Cali gives as well as gets as the two put on a heated afternoon romp session that can only end one way – messy.

Cali Caliente Cali Caliente

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Anne Amari Anne Amari
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When Tony brings his new girlfriend from college, Amari, over to visit his house he definately did not expect this to happen. While inside doing some classwork Tony’s father gets home and starts flirting with Amari. Seems the elder gentlemen has a sweet tooth for dark chocolate. Especially some as enticing as Amari. Later Tony’s father joins the young couple as they watch a movie on the couch. While his son starts making out with his new girlfriend the father can’t help but look at her crotch. He can’t help himself and starts diddling the ebony cupcake he’s sitting next to. It can’t be that wrong because soon Amari is grinding and moaning as she kisses his son and daddy rubs her wet little snapper. Damnit he has got to get this rigid pole out of his pants now and he does so quite quickly. Dad places Amari’s hand on his rock hard bratwurst and gets her jacking it. When Tony finally opens his eyes from his french kissing he is shocked to see his dad’s cock in his girlfriends hand. What the fuck Tony thinks. Dad quickly soothes the situation by pointing out how square Tony is and they should all have fun together. That’s good enough for Amari as she has always fantasized about the old daddy/son combo on her. I mean seriously, what girl does not want to fuck a father and son at the same time. Today is Amari’s lucky day as she soon finds out where Tony got his big cock from. She is so happy slurping on the two massive white meat sticks that slide in and out of her mouth and honeypot in an unbridled fury of jungle fever. White men just love that sweet black pussy as it is so true – the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. Ain’t no juice sweeter than Amari’s pink little love hole and both cocks do some serious sampling of her flavors. Soon she is bathed in a healthy blasting of white cock spunk all over her face.

Anne Amari Anne Amari

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