Becca Brown got first media attention by participating in the NPR show From the Top. This brought her a role in the School of Rock film. Later Becca switched to theater and appeared on many Chicago scenes. Now, she’s known as Rivkah Reyes, a musician, actress, comedian.

Tone Damli is a popular Norwegian singer and songwriter. She debuted in the Idol series (Norwegian version) and scored second place. This brought her a massive following and boosted her singing career. Tone released four albums and 21 singles.

Olivia Wilde gained fame as an actress, film director, and activist. She appeared in the House series and numerous films like Her, Love the Coopers, Alpha Dog, etc. In 2019, she directed a critically acclaimed film, Booksmart.

Michaela Doubravova got popular in the Czech Republic for being an actress. Her biggest roles were in films like Ulice, Terapie, and numerous TV series. She’s one of the richest actresses in her country. Michaela is married to Roman Tomes. They have one child.

Greer Grammer started her career as a beauty pageant. Later she switched to an acting career and appeared in the popular MTV series Awkward. In 2015, she was Miss Golden Globe during the award ceremony. The actress recently starred in the Netflix movie The Last Summer.

Benee rose to fame as a performing artist. The singer-songwriter from New Zealand won the New Zealand Music Awards in several categories two years in a row. Her song went viral on TikTok. In 2020, she released her debut album Hey U X.

Kat Endorsson used to be a TV celebrity when she participated in Survivor: One World and Survivor: Blood vs Water. However, she didn’t pursue a career in such shows and turned into a leadership mentor. She has an Instagram account with 12,8k followers on Instagram.

Tone Damli is a widely recognized singer and songwriter in Norway. She started her career by participating in the Norwegian version of Idol. Despite becoming a runner-up, she used this fame boost and released four studio albums. In 2006, she voiced Heather in Over the Hedge.

Lily Mo Sheen is a promising actress who got famous for her celebrity parents. However, she also acted in several films to boost her recognition. Lily appeared in Everybody’s Fine, Click, etc. In 2021, she’ll be in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent film.